Pretty (and Free!) Nature Prints for Your Homeschool

This year, I’ve been keeping an eye out for nature prints to use in our school/playroom. Nature prints make lovely decorations, but they’re also helpful when trying to identify a species or build background information before reading. The problem I keep running into, though, is that to find a broad range of prints, I’d have to invest a lot of money into multiple sets. That just isn’t going to happen right now. So I decided to hit the Internet and look for free printable nature images. I’ve rounded up some pretty images that I think you’ll love to display in your school or play space. I’ve heard really good things about the new brother thermal printers if you don’t have a printer currently, they’re affordable, fast, and you can easily fit them on any surface. Getting a printer could open up a world of possibilities when it comes to your child’s learning, as everything seems to be digital these days, as well as giving you the option to print off some of these lovely images.

These nature prints are licensed for your personal use, but check the copyright information before other usage.

This is a roundup of pretty and free nature images to be used in your homeschool, playroom, or living space.

Botanical Prints

Plates from Kohler (

This site features scanned in pages from classic botanical books. Here, I’ve linked to just one particularly pretty book. You can find directions about how to download the prints at Honey and Fitz.

Free Botanical Prints from Poppytalk

These prints aren’t labeled or vintage, but they are beautiful! I think I’ll skip them in the school room, and put them right in our living room.

Leaf from the Graphics Fairy.

This is a single, heart-shaped leaf that’s full of whimsy. I love how it’s so appealing to little ones, but lovely enough for everyone to enjoy!

Daisy from the New York Public Library Digital Collection

This print reminds me of how Charlotte Mason described the daisy in Home Education:

But the mother seizes the happy moment. She makes Margaret see that the daisy is a bright yellow eye with white eyelashes round it; that all the day long it lies there in the grass and looks up at the great sun, never blinking as Margaret would do, but keeping its eye wide open. And that is why it is called daisy, ‘day’s eye,’ because its eye is always looking at the sun which makes the day.” Page 140.

Amaryllis from The New York Public Library Digital Collection

This one has pretty spring colors.

George Arents Collection, The New York Public Library. Chrysanthemum maximum (Ox-eye daisy) (King Edward VII). Retrieved from

Birds and Nests

This spring, we’ll spend lots of time observing birds. Having these beautiful prints on the wall will be so inspiring! Some of these prints don’t have the birds labeled. Miss H would have so much digging into bird guides and figuring out which bird is which.

Bird Nests and Eggs from the Graphic Fairy

The Graphic Fairy called this the “best nest and egg print ever” and I definitely agree!

Natural History Bird Lithograph

This print is more colorful than many vintage prints. It has a really cheerful feel!

Peacock Print

Our local zoo has peacocks wandering around, so Miss H loves to spot them and observe them. She would love to have this gorgeous picture hanging on our wall!

Assorted Birds from the New York Public Library Digital Collection

We printed this one on high-quality paper, and I love everything about it- the illustrations, the colors (and ours even printed out to look matted.)

Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library. (1833 – 1841). Various Birds. Retrieved from



Antique Butterflies and Moths from the Graphics Fairy

This is such a pretty print, and it’s in the style of the biology prints that are everywhere these days.


A Variety of Nature Prints

Teachers Pay Teachers Free Download from I Believe in Montessori

These prints are some of my favorites. You can download prints of flowers, butterflies, a cow, a mushroom, and more.

Montessori in Nature

Not all of these prints are inspired by nature, but there is a lovely insect, plant, and two beautiful bird prints available.

Fall Nature Prints

Who doesn’t love autumn? Nature prints make a beautiful fall decoration.


Which one of these prints is your favorite? Are you going to use any of these in your play or learning space?


*Main Image Cited* George Arents Collection, The New York Public Library. Chrysanthemum maximum (Ox-eye daisy) (King Edward VII). Retrieved from

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